Easy and tasty vegetarian recipes

Preparing tasty, healthy and varied vegetarian dishes is not at all complicated. Therefore, all the cuisines in the world (except Antarctic cuisine!) delight us with vegetarian recipes that can satisfy all tastes.

The vegetarian removes meat and fish from his diet and prefer a varied diet that includes: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, greens and oilseeds. It accepts products derived from animals (milk and its derivatives, eggs, honey) choosing especially products from animals raised in very good conditions, from an ethical and sanitary point of view.

It is very important to know how to choose the basic ingredients of your diet. As a first step, I suggest giving priority to seasonal vegetables and fruits. Always choose fresh, quality products and cook tasty food using spices and greens. The recipes presented below are very easy and delicious. Enjoy! 🙂

…and don’t forget to take your time to find your balance 

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Delicious Recipes

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