Let’s prepare a perfect polenta together. It is very easy to prepare if we know a few simple rules. Polenta is always a perfect choice when we enjoy traditional dishes and that is why it must be perfect and tasty.

I saw that there are several variations on the classic polenta recipe, such as the one with parmesan that turns out super creamy and tasty. I want to prepare and present to you as many polenta recipes as possible, especially since polenta is very nutritious, and contains antioxidants and a high level of folic acid. But now, let’s indulge ourselves with the classic polenta recipe, with which you can’t go wrong.

preparation time: 2 min | cooking time: 20 min | serves: 6



200 g of stone ground polenta
900 ml of water
salt to taste – I find that a maximum of half a teaspoon of sea salt is enough

For a simple measurement use a container as a reference. For one container of stone ground polenta, use three containers of water.

For this recipe, I used a measuring cup: one cup of stone ground polenta and three cups of water.


  1. Put all the water in a saucepan and left it on high heat for around 10 minutes, until the water started to boil.
  2. Then reduce the flame to low intensity, add half a teaspoon of sea salt, and put the stone ground polenta in a stretched thread.
  3. Quickly mix with a whisk until the composition began to thicken.
  4. After you pour all the stretched thread into the saucepan, take a wooden spoon and mix it gently for around 10 minutes. If the package indicates a different cooking time, for example, I used stretched thread that said on the package that it cooks in 3 minutes, then mix with a wooden spoon for the time indicated on the package.

I like to serve polenta when it is warm and fresh. However, I have noticed that many people also prefer it cold. Therefore, you can eat it the next day, but I think that after that it is no longer ok to consume. Especially since it is prepared so simply and quickly, it is not even worth keeping it for several days. I usually give the remaining polenta and bread to the birds, they like it and that’s how I give them little joy.

Did you make this delicious Polenta? I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram @racopaz and let’s cook healthy together.

How do I remove a delicious polenta from the pot and place it nicely on the wooden chopper?

To separate and turn the polenta on a wooden chopper or a plate I have to follow a few simple steps:

  • after stopping the heat, with the help of the spoon I gently pressed the polenta
  • I put a lid on the pan and start to cook at high heat for 2 minutes. The polenta comes off the pan due to the steam
  • I turned off the heat and removed the lid
  • I put the wooden chopper/plate over the pan and returned it to put the polenta on the plate.

Simple and quick, I prepared a superb polenta :).

The polenta is indispensable when I prepare the following recipes:

  • stewed cabbage, which is very easy to prepare.
  • or vegan cabbage rolls, which are my favorites in the cold season. I love making them, they relax me a lot, they are super simple to make, and they taste amazing. I’m sure I’ll never eat better vegan cabbage rolls than these. They are perfect and I can’t wait for you to tell me what you think.

Enjoy your meal!

Why do I try to eat polenta every chance I get?

Every time I go to a restaurant with traditional Romanian dishes, I like to order something to contain polenta. I do this for two reasons 🙂

  • I like the ”bulz” (a Romanian traditional food) that I find in restaurants with a Romanian specialty. There is no restaurant where I have found a bulz that is not sensational.
  • When I order something other than bulz :)) I like to accompany it with polenta, that way I don’t eat a lot of calories like I would have if I chose bread instead of polenta and I feel like I’m eating something traditional Romanian.

At home, I like to prepare polenta, especially when cooking fish. I think it’s a suitable combination + of garlic sauce :). But I admit that I only feel like eating this combination when it’s cold outside. I don’t know why I associate certain dishes with the cold season, is it just me?

I noticed that nowadays people don’t dare to prepare polenta, I think they have the impression that it is something complicated or they simply forgot about this dish. It’s not complicated at all and I enjoy making it when I have guests over. I like to surprise them with a dish that reminds them of their grandparents, of their childhood in the country. That’s how I realized that not many people get used to preparing a fluffy polenta from time to time.

Other delicious dishes with Romanian specificity:

Looking for information about eggplant salad, I was surprised to discover that only Romanians prepare it this way. Yes, many cuisines enjoy the variety of eggplant dishes, eggplant being a vegetable that has been cooked in different techniques since ancient times. Therefore, if you also want to prepare a traditional Romanian eggplant salad, follow the secrets in the post to prepare a perfect and super tasty salad.

Pea stew is my favorite dish. It is prepared quickly, and super simple and the taste is indescribable. Every time I eat pea stew, I lick the plate.

Oh, I forgot, I discovered a wonderful recipe for eating nettles with parmesan that I accompany with a perfect polenta. I’m not a fan of nettles 😀 but this recipe is fabulous. It’s exactly what I wanted to find, a perfect and balanced taste that makes me enjoy seasonal ingredients. Therefore, this is how I enjoy the health of nettles in season, with the best stinging nettle, which I think is almost all Romanian specific, except for the parmesan in the composition, but I had to find a way to bring a unique flavor to the dish.

Eh.. let’s present in this category also a sweet and aromatic dish namely.. the famous biscuit cake. This is always a delight for me and I bought it every time I stop by shops that sell homemade biscuit cake. For me, it is a balanced dessert that always reminds me of my childhood. I didn’t look for it, but I don’t want to risk spoiling my image that this biscuit cake is not a traditional Romanian dish.



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