French Crepes

Discover the best recipe for French Crepes. French Crepes remind me of my childhood. The composition of French Crepes is very easy to prepare, you just have to pay attention to the order of the ingredients to avoid the formation of flour lumps. I like to treat myself to such goodies. It is a simple dessert, fragrant and at the same time fun to prepare. Don’t tell me you haven’t tried flipping crepes by throwing them up, or on the stove..:) We always try to have fun in the kitchen, especially since we spend quite a bit of time there. And making crepes is a funny activity every time. I remember even when I was a kid, I used to throw the pancakes up to flip them. Back then it was like a challenge and I actually managed to perform, but now, being adults, we play. It’s great!

preparation time: 10 min  |  cooking time: 30 min  |  serves: 15

French Crepes


4 eggs
500 ml milk
50 g butter
10 ml vanilla essence
100 ml sparkling water
300 g flour
a pinch of salt
sunflower oil

I used a 9-inch pan for 15 crepes


  1. Put the butter in a kettle and melted it over low heat.
  2. In a large bowl, whisk together the four eggs, milk, and vanilla essence.
  3. Weigh out 300 g of flour, add a pinch of salt to it and gradually incorporate it into the wet mixture. Mix gently with a whisk. With this method, I manage to avoid the formation of flour lumps. If it still happens to form, don’t worry, try to mix the composition as well as possible, and when you start cooking the pancakes, the lumps will settle to the bottom of the bowl.
  4. Add the melted butter and the sparkling water to a thin thread and mix gently with the whisk until a homogeneous dough was obtained.
  5. Voilà! The dough for French Crepes is ready. Put a pan on medium heat with a drop of oil (a teaspoon of oil).
  6. When the pan became hot pour a ladle with batter into the pan and move the pan in a circular motion to cover its entire surface.
  7. The crepe is fried for about a minute on each side, on medium heat.
  8. As they fry, place them on a plate one on top of the other, and cover them with another plate. This is how I keep them soft and fluffy.

TIP: do not add sugar to the crepes batter, as it caramelizes in contact with the high temperature and the pancakes become hard. Attention if you use vegetable milk, read the list of ingredients to choose vegetable milk that does not contain sugar in the preparation of the crepes batter.

Did you make these soft French Crepes? I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram @racopaz and let’s cook healthy together.

Soft French Crepes – a delicious dessert from France

I recently found something very interesting. On February 2, the French celebrate Crepes Day. They celebrate this holiday with family and friends and each host prepares delicious French Crepes.

In general, the French eat crepes at any time of the day, but most often they like to eat them with friends and family. They often throw crepes parties.

Although this dessert originated in France, almost all over the world prepare it. The good part is that it can also be prepared as a salty snack. It is served with cheese, smoked salmon, avocado, arugula, or simply just with cheese and dill. In Romania, we usually cook crepes with sweet cottage cheese and raisins and bake them in the oven. It is a delicacy! It is often served at restaurants with traditional Romanian food.

I often make and eat crepes with jam. It seems to me the most appropriate combination because I have not been taught about any other type of taste associated with crepes. But since I’m curious and want to discover other tastes and share with you as many recipes as possible, I’ve put several crepes recipes on my list that I want to try. I usually serve them with jam, honey, nuts, fruit, and Nutella.

If you also have a delicious recipe, please don’t hesitate to write to me on my blog or Instagram. I love giving recipes, but I also love receiving them. This seems like a pure act of kindness to me. I love discovering how other people cook in their way, I love the culture of the kitchen.

P.S. I recently discovered quince jam and it is delicious. It’s easy to cook and goes well with these delicious French Crepes.

Why do French Crepes remind me of my childhood?

When I will have a child I will teach him to make French Crepes. It is a very funny story and I wish my child to have such a memory.

I fondly remember how my mother or grandmother prepared the dough for me and I cooked the crepes in the pan. It was the most beautiful game for me. And now that I’m older, I realize that it was a useful game. And fun! I remember making crepes and then not eating any. I just loved cooking them. And the highlight was that I became stubborn at 10 – 11 in the evening because I wanted pancakes. Torture, I hope pleasant, for my grandmother 🙂 I remember one night, together with my cousin and my grandmother, we cooked crepes. It was 3 a.m. But we had a lot of fun in the kitchen.

Grandma prepared the dough, I made the crepes and my cousin ate them. It’s no wonder that my cousin is now a pancake fan and prepares a big portion of pancakes almost every week. She passed on this pleasure of hers to me, and of course, I have a good pancake recipe for you.

And my mother and I cooked pancakes. I always watched all the cakes being made and loved to see how well she was doing. Like me, she tried all kinds of recipes until she found the “magic formula” and the cake turned out perfectly. I’m glad I learned from her not to give up when I fail.

What can I say, is that even in the preparation of crepes, we have a very good practice to accept failure. The first crepe always doesn’t turn out right, but despite all that, we continue to cook the rest of them which turn out in perfect shape.

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