Creamy Mushroom Pasta

The best Creamy Mushroom Pasta I have ever eaten. The extraordinary aroma of the ingredients comes together perfectly for an explosion of taste. The creaminess of the sauce makes this recipe a hit, and the combination of garlic, parmesan, and black pepper is sensational.

Also, for this recipe, you can use any type of pasta you want. For added health, you can choose wholemeal pasta and vegan cooking cream. When choosing plant-based cooking cream, it is necessary to read the list of ingredients and choose the product with a few simple ingredients that you know.
And now let’s start cooking!

preparation time: 10 min | cooking time: 20 min | serves: 2

Creamy Mushroom Pasta


160 g tagliatelle
250 g white or brown champignon mushrooms
*white ones are healthier, brown ones are tastier
200 ml cooking cream
4 cloves of local garlic
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
50 g parmesan
50 ml olive oil
a pinch of salt


  1. Wash the mushrooms well under running hot water.
  2. Clean the skin of the mushrooms, sometimes I clean it sometimes I don’t. If they are very fresh and look very good, I don’t peel them anymore.
  3. Cut each mushroom into thin slices. I also use their legs in cooking, as they are just as tasty.
  4. Therefore, put oil in a deeper pan and add the sliced ​​mushrooms. Cook them on medium heat until they reduce in volume and the water left by them began to evaporate, for about 15 minutes. Stir from time to time so that the mushrooms cook evenly.
  5. Meanwhile, boil the pasta according to the instructions on the package. When the water started to boil, add the pasta along with a pinch of salt. It is important to add salt to the water at the same time as the pasta. If you add it when you put the pot of water on the fire there will be two “problems”: the water will reach the boiling point more difficult – so we waste more time and another problem is that part of the salt evaporates by the time we add the pasta and therefore the pasta will no longer taste the same.
  6. After the mushrooms were cooked, add: cooking cream, pressed or finely chopped garlic, parmesan cheese, and black pepper. Mix gently so that all the ingredients combine nicely.
  7. After the pasta boiled, add them to the prepared sauce, together with half of the ladle with the water in which it boiled. Mix them gently and cook them on low heat for another 3 minutes.

Good appetite!

Did you make this delicious Creamy Mushroom Pasta? I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram @racopaz and let’s cook healthy together.

What wine do we choose for this Creamy Mushroom Pasta recipe?

There is also a nice proverb that goes like this: if you want to eat like an Italian, you have to drink like one. So let’s match this creamy mushroom pasta with a delicious wine.

Pasta and wine have always been associated with an explosion of taste and are one of the oldest culinary customs.

When preparing pasta with white sauce or any other type of dish that contains this white cream sauce, it is advisable to accompany the dish with a Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc white wine. This combination gives a refined and special touch to the dish.

How should we enjoy pasta in general?

Eh, I often took pasta to my office prepared the night before and ate it for lunch because, even that way, I liked it. But, for a special culinary experience, they should be served when they are prepared, especially since they are so simple to prepare.

Because I don’t just want to eat to live (I still have a lot of work to do on this aspect but I’m on the right track) but I want to enjoy the aromas, the flavors, to know as many tastes as possible, I chose pasta to prepare them either in the evening for dinner or on the weekend. This is how I feel their aromas and freshness and I enjoy the special tastes to the fullest.

Other delicacies that are easy to prepare…

Pasta recipes are the easiest and fastest to prepare. They are suitable for a hearty lunch or a romantic dinner.

Of course, you can also treat your guests with pasta that is prepared quickly, you never go wrong with it and you don’t have to stress too much with endless lists of ingredients. Pasta is the definition of a simple recipe with few ingredients, quick to prepare, and super tasty.

Therefore, I prepared a few more recipes with pasta and as I post new recipes on the blog, I will keep updating this list:

  • Squid spaghetti with garlic is special. The recipe is super simple with simple ingredients and the final taste is something indescribable.
  • My favorite pasta is the one with homemade pesto sauce. Freshly made pesto sauce seems to me to be the best sauce ever. I also found an interesting combination of ingredients and every time I write or think about this pasta my mouth waters. You have to try the recipe. I am very happy to be able to share these unique tastes with you.
  • And shrimp and zucchini pasta is at the top of my preferences. I love them and I feel like making them all the time. 🙂
    Pasta with tuna, red onion, and capers is also delicious. Also, the pizza with this combination is super tasty. I like to make tuna pasta both plain, classic, and with red sauce.
  • A delicacy that I recently heard about is pasta cacio e pepe, which means cheese and pepper… I’m always amazed when I hear about recipes like this because I wonder: how did someone come up with this combination? how was it created what is her story?


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