Biscuit Cake

Every time I see biscuit cake somewhere I get a super craving. I think most of us feel this way since it is a dessert we grew up with. That’s why I wanted to discover and share with you this super simple, quick-to-prepare, and delicious. The aroma of the ingredients is unique, and the texture of the slightly crunchy cookies with rum-flavored cocoa cream and the sweet Turkish delight is the perfect combination for an unforgettable dessert.
When I prepared this biscuit cake, I kept thinking about how to picture it and I said that it best fits chromatically with some fresh fruit. And when I tasted this combination I was pleasantly surprised. If you try this recipe in the season of berries, do not hesitate to try their taste together. It is delicious!

preparation time: 20 min   resting time in the refrigerator: 3 h  |  serves: 600 g about 12 slices

Biscuit Cake


200 g biscuits
100 g chocolate with milk
100 g Turkish delight
50 g butter
100 ml warm milk
15 g cocoa
20 ml rum essence (2 tablespoons)

Optional for garnishing: crumbled biscuits/coconut flakes/ground walnuts

plastic wrap with which we shape the biscuit cake


  1. Start by melting the chocolate with the Bain-Marie method. After it was completely melted, add the butter and mix until it was homogeneous.
  2. Add cocoa and rum essence to the composition and mixed gently.
  3. Incorporated the warm milk, little by little, until you will get a creamy composition.
  4. While the created composition cools down a bit, start to cut the Turkish delight into small pieces.
  5. Break the cookies into small pieces and incorporate them into the created chocolate composition.
  6. Mix well and then spread a plastic sheet on the work surface and put the biscuit composition on it.
  7. Sprinkle the pieces of Turkish delight throughout the composition. If you mix it into the composition beforehand, it can stick and collect only in one part of the biscuit cake. That is why it is advisable to add it at this time over the composition.
  8. Shape the composition with your hands in the form of a scroll. Wrap the biscuit cake in plastic wrap and roll the ends of it until the mixture gathers in the middle and the air removes from the mixture.
  9. The biscuit cake is almost ready, all you have to do is to refrigerate it for at least three hours, or preferably overnight.
  10. After the composition is hardened, remove the plastic wrap and decorated it with crumbled biscuits. You can also decorate it with coconut flakes or even ground walnut. Or a mixture of all three ingredients.

Enjoy this simple dessert, which for many of us represents a taste from childhood.

Did you make this delicious biscuit cake? I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram @racopaz and let’s cook healthy together.

When do I usually make this delicious biscuit cake?

Biscuits cake is a dessert that fits in many special moments, whether it’s just enjoying a delicious dessert with you or sharing a childhood dessert with loved ones. Looking for inspiration to write about it, I found something very interesting, namely, that biscuit cake is Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite dessert.

I enjoy making this dessert, especially on Sunday nights. It is prepared very quickly and is the perfect dessert to start my Monday, early in the morning, with an aromatic coffee. It’s that special moment (that we all need) when I enjoy a delicious dessert just with me. Do you have such kind of moments? How do you enjoy these moments and what do you treat yourself to?
I like to make this recipe when I know there is a holiday weekend coming up with guests. They are quickly prepared the night before and always surprise the guests with a good dessert that reminds them of their childhood. We all love to savor and enjoy the flavor of simple ingredients.
Like Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite, this biscuit cake can easily be transformed into a birthday cake. It is a simple and perfect dessert to celebrate an important event with the family, in your nest.

Both the biscuit cake and the biscuit birthday cake are prepared without baking, so it is a perfect dessert to prepare even on hot summer days. Also on hot summer days, I usually prepare a fluffy tiramisu or an aromatic cheesecake.

What other flavors can you add to the biscuit cake?

Well, I had some ideas of flavors that can be added to the biscuit cake but after doing a google search I was surprised at how much creativity there is and how many delicious recipes I have to try. Now, let’s see what variations we have on the short list of cookie recipes:

  • I liked the combination of strawberry and blueberry biscuit cake. I just wanted to decorate for the picture, but when I tasted this combination I felt the rainbow in my mouth :)). The next biscuit recipe will be biscuit cake with strawberries and blueberries incorporated into its composition.
  • An interesting idea I saw on Instagram, namely, a girl made a pistachio biscuit cake. Besides looking brilliant. I think the taste is also top-notch. Plus, pistachios are very healthy and the fact that they are also a more expensive ingredient can turn biscuit cake into a more sophisticated dessert.
  • When I’m going to make a biscuit cake for those who love very sweet desserts 🙂 I’m going to make a caramel biscuit cake. Or maybe even with salted caramel. I think both versions are sensational and I can’t wait to prepare them and present them to you too.
  • Another interesting taste is a subtle coconut flavor. I must try adding a teaspoon of coconut butter instead of the rum essence. It will turn out to be a beloved dessert.
  • Also by removing the rum essence and adding the citrus flavor and maybe mint, a fresh and special biscuit salami will result. A little orange juice or the juice of a lime.

What secret ingredient do you choose for this dessert?

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