Baked salmon with asparagus

This baked salmon with asparagus recipe is the best idea when you don’t know what to cook quickly. That’s what I thought initially, but now it has become my favorite recipe and I feel like making it every day because the taste is particularly good :). Over time, this recipe has proven to be the most popular recipe on my blog, and I am very happy about that fact. The fact that I managed to convey such good taste to you is fulfillment for me! 🙂

preparation time: 10 min  |  cooking time: 15 min  |  serves: 4

Baked salmon with asparagus


600 g salmon
500 g asparagus
1 teaspoon of butter from room temperature
2 garlic cloves
3 tablespoons of olive oil
juice from a lime or half of lemon
1 tablespoon of mustard
1 tablespoon of Marple Syrup
half a teaspoon from each spice: rosemary, oregano, chili flakes, pepper, grated fresh ginger
half a bunch of chopped fresh parsley

How to baked salmon with asparagus?

  1. Start by mixing the ingredients for the topping, namely: olive oil, the juice of a lime or half a lemon, a clove of local garlic, a spoonful of mustard, and a spoonful of maple syrup.
  2. Then add half a teaspoon of each spice, namely: rosemary, oregano, chili flakes, pepper, and freshly grated ginger. Mix well and add half of the chopped parsley. Add the other half at the end to feel the fresh taste of the parsley.
  3. After preparing the topping, cut the salmon into roughly equal slices for 4 servings and placed them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. On top of these, add the topping created earlier so that it covers each piece of salmon. Place the salmon in the pan, skin side down.
  4. Wash the asparagus and remove the bottom part of each one as it remains hard even after cooking. Held each asparagus strand with one hand at the middle and with the other hand at the hard end and bent the strand until it broke. This is the procedure to find out which part needs to be removed. You can repeat the procedure for each thread separately or cut the other threads to the same size according to the first broken thread.
  5. Put the asparagus in the tray next to the salmon. I mix a teaspoon of butter at room temperature with a pressed clove of garlic and brushed the asparagus with this mixture.
  6. Insert the tray into the oven preheated to 430°F for a maximum of 15 minutes. The salmon is cooked properly at 430°F degrees (preheated oven) for 12 – 15 minutes.

I have no words to describe the taste of this baked salmon with melts in your mouth, and it’s delicious.

Enjoy 🙂

What is easy when we want to cook salmon?

  • It’s easy because we can cook salmon in many ways, which gives us the freedom to choose how we like it best. Therefore, we can: fry it, bake it, roast it, poach it, steam it and we can even eat it raw. Salmon is delicious and contains many beneficial nutrients for our bodies.
  • It is also very easy that however we choose to cook it, it cooks very quickly. And in a very short time, we can prepare a delicious dinner.
  • It goes very well with purees, with all kinds of vegetables, with mushrooms or salads.

Salmon recipes will always be a simple choice that we will never go wrong with 🙂

Did you make this delicious baked salmon with asparagus? I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram @racopaz and let’s cook healthy together.

How do we choose salmon from the store?

The salmon fillet should have an intense color, it should not be discolored around the edges. If you can test it, press it gently with your fingers and if the flesh returns to its original shape after you press it, then the fish is fresh. The smell must be sweet. It is not advisable to buy it if it has a strong fishy smell.

The salmon should have clear and bright eyes and skin that should be silvery, shiny, and firm to the touch. The scales must not come off. Its gills must be clean, pink to red, and under no circumstances brown.

If you choose to buy frozen salmon or any other fish it is necessary to check the date of capture, the date of freezing which must not be too far from the date of capture, the date of packaging, and the date until which it can be consumed.

Find out what you need to look for to choose the best quality smoked salmon:

Also, with smoked salmon, it is necessary to check the label and choose the one that contains as few substances as possible that you do not know. Although you will waste more time in the store, when you decide to also check the product label to choose the best quality one, this will amaze you and make you feel much better in the long run, as you will find out how many strange things we eat if we don’t spend a little more time shopping and know how to choose the best quality products for you and your loved ones.

Therefore, smoked salmon must contain the following information on the label:

  • to have more than 19 g of protein per 100 grams.
  • salt level, to be below 2 g per 100 grams, the less the better.
  • also pay attention to the amount of sugar, compare the products with each other and choose the product with the least amount of sugar.
  • preferably not containing taste and aroma enhancers.
  • the salmon was cold-smoked. Hot smoked contains more chemicals.
  • comes from certified fish farms, which respect the code of good practices in the field of fish farming.
  • the salmon does not come from intensive aquaculture.

Why is it advisable to set aside extra time for shopping?

What could be nicer than knowing that you are feeding your family and loved ones with the best products? These do not necessarily have to be the most expensive, as this rule does not apply to all products. For example, I was amazed to discover that vegan almond milk, only 0.5 euro more away from another very popular one, contained only almond milk, water, and possibly a little salt. Compared to the very popular one, which had an endless list of ingredients and was completely unknown to me. Plus extra salt and extra sugar!

Like vegan milk, there is also smoked salmon. We must take the time to choose what is best for us and our families. Yes, sometimes we have so many kinds, and most of them are just as harmful because we don’t know exactly what is good and what is bad. But a little research will help us make the best decisions.

After choosing the best-smoked salmon, I invite you to prepare the best breakfast: avocado toast, smoked salmon, and poached egg. It’s sensational!

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